First blog post

The moment you realize your screwed!



Yep, This is the first post all right. The first of what I hope will be many, and I have not even completely decided how to start this shindig off. At the beginning would probably be a safe bet, but the beginning of what? The beginning of my life? Absolutely not, you can’t get much more unexciting then that.

Im no world traveling Ex-Agent of any┬ásort, or even some former special operations bad ass, (yes I do believe they are bad ass for sure) thats not me. I was in the military, so I guess there is some experiences to offer on that front, but I was a mechanic, and on the bad ass scale its a bit towards the bottom. Im a father in a very large combined family, and we live outside of Chicago very near O’hare airport. Cant get to much worse then that, except maybe New York. (Sorry New York)

Just like most others I have maybe a weeks worth of food in the house on a good day and that is seriously dependent on power, the cars are often low on fuel, and we depend heavily on the ability to get what we need at a moments notice. So basically if there is any sort of local, regional, or national disaster we are screwed, and dependent on others. Lets start their then, at the beginning of realizing that we as a family are in bad shape when it comes to self reliance!

Author: Jeremy J Hargus

I am a Photographer, Mechanic, and Father not always in that order.

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