Could I Ever Be As Prepared As Morgan Carter

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The Going Home series of books made a huge impression on me as I have said a few times already. I wouldn’t say they completely altered my life, but they definitely gave me a push forward. I was making a lot of excuses, and If we are being 100% honest I still do, but to a much smaller extent. I am also not going to bounce back and forth from my life to these books forever, and there has been other books that I have read since this initial “awakening” with just as much and sometimes more info, but I needed to give a base from which to start telling my story of realizing how unprepared I was, and these books are in all reality the catalyst that started the process of being more self-reliant. I wanted to give credit to what I feel may have saved me, and mine.

If you have read the books you know the extreme levels of preparation that Morgan attained. At times it seemed absolutely impossible to get to that level, and for many his preparation may not even be necessary. For those that have not read the books I think the best way to summarize his forward thinking would be that he positioned himself in such a way that he was able to maintain almost all of modern life during a complete breakdown of society. Preparation like this takes half a lifetime to develop unless you have large amounts of excess money, and as I said before I was completely overwhelmed about where to even start.

Will I ever be as prepared as Morgan Carter? I have no idea, but I had to accept that for now I can only worry about tomorrow. Once I have tomorrow set Ill move onto the day after tomorrow, then the day after that.

More to come…..

Author: Jeremy J Hargus

I am a Photographer, Mechanic, and Father not always in that order.

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