An unpreparedness blog? Why in the world would anyone write a blog about being unprepared?

I can not speak for everyone but I learn best by looking at the mistakes I have made, and in many cases am still making as I write this about page. My intention is to look at my day to day life, and examine each part. I want to pick it all apart, and look at the good, bad, and everything in between. I want to use my mistakes, my “unpreparedness” as a tool to better be prepared for life in general.

My hope is that by sharing what I feel are mistakes in my lifestyle, I can better understand how to change them, and in the process maybe help a few others along the way. This will hopefully end up being a good source of info for the everyday people who want to get a little ahead of the game when it comes to being more self reliant. I have no life changing revelations, but If only one person beyond my family benefits I would be happy. At a minimum it will simply be a tool for me to organize and change my life.

Who am I? A husband, a father to more then a few, and a grandfather to one. I have been a Mechanic my entire life, and a military veteran. I would happily describe myself as a tech nerd, and an all around geek. Im a lover of the outdoors, but I wouldn’t want to give up the indoors permanently. Im a city boy on the outside, and a mountain man on the inside, or maybe the other way around im not completely sure. I am often very scatterbrained, and sometimes a little compulsive.  What I am not is a writer, or a teacher even though I am hoping to learn, and share what I learn. I am not a survivalist, or prepper even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with being either. I am not a doomsayer, or prognosticator of the end of the world. I simply want to position myself in life to best protect my family from all that life might throw at us.

What do I think life might throw at us? I believe that western culture has grown way to comfortable, and in many cases blind to the potential for what could happen. The modern political and cultural climate has made for a lifestyle that could be thrown off course by any number of events, and because of this belief I will probably touch on some subjects that even I will admit sound completely out of this world. The vast majority of us have become so reliant on the ability to live day to day that even a minor local emergency could cause serious problems to the wellbeing of our loved ones. We have quite literally become a culture of Unpreparedness.