In The Beginning

Some brief and recent history of how I became a little less unprepared.



So now I realize I’m screwed, but how screwed am I? I don’t really think there is an answer to that question, at least not yet. It also really depends on what you are trying to be prepared for, and I honestly don’t really know. I have concerns, but we can get into those at a later. At this point taking a dive down that rabbit hole again would just cloud my purpose, but what in the beginning brought me to the I’m screwed revelation?

I have always to a very small degree practiced some sort of being prepared mentality. Like I said though it was on a very small level. I carried a pocket knife, and my wallet almost all the time. I had a 5.11 Rush 24 I used for everyday work items, and that was about it. I do however remember my father always having some sort of bag with him with all sorts of day to day items. I realized I was starting to do something similar, and it started becoming a bit more of a hobby. I found a Facebook page that I enjoyed called EDC Addicts, and a few web sites (Pack Config, and Everyday Carry) that fed my already growing backpack addiction. Around that same time I picked up a few boxes of my fathers things from my mothers house, and much of his “EDC” was in there. It started the snowball a rollin!

The one thing that I personally didn’t care for was that many of the items people were sharing on EDC Addicts, and the Everyday Carry pages were mostly very pretty, and often didn’t seem very utilized. Lots of fidget spinners, and pocket queen knives that mostly didn’t look used. I am by no means knocking the choices of the posters on there but it just wasn’t for me. I did however take many of the ideas that sprouted from that page and ran with them. I started developing and evolving my own “EDC” items.

More to come